Pardon My Dust……

Mytekcontrol's 1088XEL miniITX format motherboard
Mytekcontrol’s 1088XEL miniITX format motherboard

Pardon my dust….. this site is still under construction.

Way back last year on Jan. 17, 2017, a new post appeared on the Atari 8-bit Computers forum.   A seasoned poster Mytekcontrols proposed a complete redesign of the venerable Atari 8-bit computer line he decided to call 1088XEL.  Now that proposal had been made and hinted at many times by many people, so initially there was doubt by many people.  But the idea caught fire and momentum and soon others were joining in the madness.  Flashjazzcat, another long time AtariAge member, agreed to rework the U1MB bios to support the new board and put in long hours in development and testing.  Between the two and an intrepid gang of testers, they overcame obstacles, well-meaning idiocy and failure.  But in record time on Oct 17, 2017 Mytekcontrols posted a RTM DIY style set of Gerber files for pcb manufacturing with a BOM list and Flashjazzcat had a stable bios designed for the 1088XEL.  Mytekcontrols maintains on his website schematics, gerber files and BOMs for all the accessory boards he has developed as well as modifications to the Realan H60 case he used to house the motherboard.  Flashjazzcat’s site hosts his custom 1088XEL U1MB bios.

It blew me away then and still does.  I joined the behind the scenes development group by invitation a few weeks before release after redesigning some of my own products to work with the 1088XEL.  It’s been a pleasure and an unforgettable experience.  And it just keeps getting better and better.

Pardon my dust…..

This sub-site of my main website is going to specialize in developing custom accessory boards for the 1088XEL/Apex MI-008 miniITX Case build and also will fork off a further redesign of the 1088XEL to incorporate the fabled 1090 XL circuitry and layout it out in a Micro-ATX board format. Taking a page from Mytekcontrols I plan to release schematics, BOM and board files for these customized boards and what I plan to call the 1088XEL reimaged board, the 1090XLE on this site.  Finished and tested customized MI-008 accessory boards will be available on my main site for purchase once released.  Bare 1090XLE motherboards will be available for purchase as well, but I don’t plan on offering an assembled version or kits.  That will be a very DIY project.  I just don’t have the resources left after development to do such a massive project.