Apex MI-008 miniITX Case Power Cable Mod

It’s time to do the first modification. We’ll start with an easy one.  The power cable modification.

You will need:

Diagonal clippers

Electrical Tape

4-6″ long Zip tie

The ATX power supply comes with four accessory power cables plus the motherboard power connector.   There’s no SATA cable need any where in this build and the square four pin Graphics card power cable is also not needed.   So that leaves two cables.  Now both of these cables have the standard 5.25 and 3.5″ power connectors on them.  But one only has the 5.25″ one.  It is the least useful of the two.  So that one also gets tagged for removal.

Unnecessary cabling from the power supply

Power cabling from the power supply
The two loose cables pictured here are the only ones we want to keep.

What we are going to do now is cut, tape and tie.

Simply put we are going to snip/cut the tagged wires from the power supply about six inches from the entry hole in the power supply.

Cut cables from the power supply

Double tape the wires individually, don’t mix the colors whatever you do.   Except for Black(GND) I kept the wires of the same color, but from different cables separated.

View of double wrapped GND cable
This picture shows a GND cable that is being double wrapped.

Might not have been needed, but I have a healthy respect for electricity from early childhood.  I survived experimenting with what would happen if I stuck a bobby pin into an electrical socket when I was maybe three and Mom wasn’t looking.  If the bobby pin hadn’t been coated with a thin layer of plastic, the experiment would have been deadly.  As it was the electrical faceplate got several black marks, I saw brilliant sparks fly, my hand tingled for an hour and Mom made my butt hurt for just as long.  No permanent damage was done, Dad was able to replace the shorted socket, but for ever after I didn’t take electrical safety for granted.  I didn’t loose my fascination with electricity or electronics  though. 😉

Now we are going to use the zip tie to position the clipped and taped wires out of the way.

Zipped tied extra power cables
This picture shows I think the best place to zip tie the extra clipped cables.

Once again we must test that this modification hasn’t screwed up the ability of the power supply to function properly.  So yes we must re-install the motherboard and ATX power adapter, connect the various input/output cables and do a power up test.

Power up test after power supply cable mod

Most of the rest of the modifications on the case are cosmetic or to allow additional boards to fit, so we shouldn’t need to do a power up test for awhile.  Remove the 1088XEL board and ATX adapter and put them away for safe keeping.

The next easy area for modification will be the 5.25″ drive bay opening on the plastic bezel.