Apex MI-008 CD/DVD/5.25″ Bezel Mod part 2

View of the back of the bezel
This shows the back of the bezel look out towards the front. Notice the wider/higher opening for the rear portion as opposed to the front.

Now we start venturing into a much harder and more visible mod to the front part of the bezel.  The front piece should cover all sins in the previous modification of the rear portion, but to do that we have to be extra careful in how we cut/trim the front facing plastic away. The major rough removal will take place within the dimensions of the hole we created in the rear bezel.

View of extra plastic removed from the front part of the bezel

View of marked excess plastic to be removed.
My paint brush wasn’t as fine as I would have liked, but the idea is to grind/cut/drill out the inside portion of the rectangle framed in white.


With the front piece re-attached you begin to get an idea of the amount of plastic removal we will have to do.  It looks like the hinged door will go completely and we’ll also be removing the horizontal bar across the top of the front and about 11 mm of plastic down to the thin inner horizontal bar above the 3.5″ drive bay.  Mark the interior with white paint or fine lined white pencil so we know the gross cuts/trims we will have to make.

I chose not to use the sacrificial soldering iron, fearing the release of toxic fumes.  I’m closer to the twilight of my years than ever, but I don’t want to be that close for a long time to come.  I did use a pair of diagonal clippers where I could and again relied on my trusty Dremel to grind away the excess plastic.  It was slow and tedious work, that I chose to break up into 30 minute zones.  Grind and level, clean away debris and then do a fit test with both halves snapped together.  ‘Rinse and repeat’ as Abraham Ford was wont to say.

But finally enough was ground away to allow a close fit with the bezel snapped onto the front of the case again.   I’m done with the initial bezel modifications.  There is one more that needs to be done, but I have to finalize the pcb first before doing any cutting.  The next post will go over pcb board placement options and other upgrade options that I want to incorporate into this build.

View of finished bezel modification for the 5.25" Drive